About Our Company

About Our Company

Cadtech Building Services is a UK based Cad, BIM and MEPF (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection) services provider within the construction sector.

About Us

Our Services

We deliver high-quality 3D building models and coordinated drawing solutions that are efficient not only in terms of cost but also for ease of installation and maintenance.

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Our Clients

We serve a number of leading contractors, architects, engineers, consultants and designers with our CAD drafting and modelling services and take MEPF designs from conceptual layouts to fully co-ordinated 3D models.

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We understand the ever increasing need for the best results in shortest timeframe. If you have a project that requires any of our services, get in touch with us today and let’s get started.

What We Do

Site Surveys

To aid co-ordination we carry out a full site survey measuring existing MEPF services staying in situ, structural elements and building fabric

3D MEPF Co-ordination

One of our core skills and main activities includes provision of spatially coordinated building services drawings in conjunction with MEPF consulting engineers and building services contractors for construction and engineering projects.

3D Visualisation Drawings

As 3D visualisation is fast becoming the norm for developers and architects, it’s imperative that building services engineers and contractors are also able to demonstrate their expertise through 3D models of the services they are designing or installing.

Single Services Drawings

Single service drawings are supplied to each trade on site enabling them to clearly see their installation requirements, setting out dimensions and invert levels.

Revit Model based upon Architects Drawings

From the architects general arrangement drawings and reflected ceiling plans we can produce a 3D revit model of the structure showing external and internal walls, windows, doors and ceiling structures.

3D Riser drawings

Riser drawings are similar to MEPF ceiling void co-ordination but are generally confined spaces and require detailed co-ordination to ensure all serviceable items can be accessed and maintained.

3D Plantroom Drawings

MEP coordination or multiservice coordination within plantrooms is increasingly being created in a 3D environment for all the disciplines.

Conversion of 3D into 2D drawings

We can provide a service where we convert the 3D drawings into 2D dwg files.

Clash Detection and reporting

All of our 3D modelling and drawings are fully coordinated, and clash detected. The financial savings and improvements to efficiency brought about by clash detection are enormous.

Builders Work Drawings

Using the 3D co-ordinated model we can produce accurate builders work drawings complete with setting out dimensions and invert levels.

3D Revit Model of the building via 3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning (point cloud scan) is a way of capturing and existing structure in a format that can be converted into a 3D Revit model.

Pipework and Ductwork Fabrication Shop Drawings

From our 3D co-ordinated models, we create fully dimensioned pipework and ductwork fabrication shop drawings.

System Schematics

System schematics show an overview of each MEPF service within a building/project. During the projects services route and sizes are changed to aid co-ordination.

Record Drawings

Record drawings are a set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project, reflecting any changes made to the design and specification during the construction process.

BIM Model & Asset Tagging

The Building Information Modelling for Asset Management (BIM-AM) which is a summary of information requirement for the most common Electrical & Mechanical (E&M) systems that needs maintenance services.

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We work with leading contractors, architects, engineers, consultants and designers and our expert team is always growing. If you’re experienced in any areas of the services we provide then we’d love to hear from you.